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Panasonic Compact Charger AA/AAA with 2 Recharg. Batteries AA 1000mAh

€ 13,36  
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Model PAN-K-KJ50LGA20E
Type Rechargeable
Stock In Stock

Panasonic BQ CC50 is the compact charger, perfect for entry battery users. The charger can charge AA/AAA 2 cells at the same time with an individual timer cut after 13 hours. It takes approximately 10 hours to charge the batteries.Compact charger BQ CC50: for entry users If you're not a frequent battery user, you should use the Compact charger for entry users. With its approximate charging time of 10 hours for 2 batteries, type AA, this battery suits the needs for casial users. Your product benefits The Compact charger – BQ CC50 is one that can charge 1 or 2 batteries at a time. You can use the charger for 2 AA or AAA cells and it can be used all over the world (100-240 V). The charger is suitable for all Ni-MH batteries and it has a lead-free soldering which makes them less harmful for our environment. The Compact charger also features a non-rechargeable detection: it will not charge when you use a non-rechargeable battery. To protect the batteries there is a safety timer that stops after 13 hours of charging. The Compact charger is available in case colour white and has a free 5 year warranty for added reassurance. BQ CC50 specifications Charging time AA: Approx. 10 hours AAA: Approx. 10 hours Batteries included in the kit 2x Panasonic Rechargeable DECT AA batteries

Key Features

Brand SONY
Package Contents Compact Charger + 2 AA batteries 1000 mAh
For size AA / AAA
Packing 1 / 10